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2020 National Educator Antiracism Conference


Who We Are

We are a grassroots movement of teachers committed to abolitionist and anti-racist principles. We are determined, through our collective power, to bring systemic change to our schools. 

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Learn from powerful anti-racist and abolitionist websites, articles, guides, podcasts, videos, books, and other resources. This page will be frequently updated.


Get connected with affinity groups, educator networks, teacher education programs, and other movements to support you in your journey.


In the near future, we hope to launch a database, a searchable site all teachers can find a treasure trove of anti-racist lessons. We need your help to build it--please submit your original anti-racist lessons.


Anti-Racism Lessons Database

Soon, we hope to launch a database of anti-racist lessons. Before we can do that, we need your help. Below is how many more lessons we need from each content area in order to have enough content to launch a database. If you have an original lesson, please consider submitting it to our database.


Arts Education


Early Childhood


ELL/ MLL/ Dual Langauge


Health/ Physical Education






Social Studies


Special Education


Upper Elementary


World Languages


Early Childhood

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