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Resources Page

Visit our resources page to access antiracism resources organized by type. These resources range from podcasts to articles, to scholarly articles, to websites, to webinars, and more. You will be able to find a resource for every content area on this page. We update this page every week with more resources.


Youtube Channel

Visit our Youtube Channel to access our webinars, conference sessions, and our new series. We have begun two new series: "Antiracist Library" which is a collection of interviews with authors who have written books which will help educators write antiracist curriculum, and our newest series "Antiracist Programs" which is a collection of interviews with people conducting programs that advance the values of antiracism in education.


Who We Are

We are a grassroots movement of teachers committed to abolitionist and antiracist principles. We are determined, through our collective power, to bring systemic change to our schools. 

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Learn from powerful anti-racist and abolitionist websites, articles, guides, podcasts, videos, books, and other resources. This page will be frequently updated.


Get connected with affinity groups, educator networks, teacher education programs, and other movements to support you in your journey.


In the near future, we hope to launch a database, a searchable site all teachers can find a treasure trove of anti-racist lessons. We need your help to build it--please submit your original anti-racist lessons.


2020 National Educator Antiracism Conference

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