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Everything you need to engage in antiracism as an educator including resources by content area, grade level, and topic. Find the best antiracism conferences, workshops, degree and certificate programs. Find a speaker or consultant. Find resources to help your school respond to national incidents. Find what you need here.


This work cannot be done alone; we are stronger together. Get connected with affinity groups and educator civic groups. Find your community here.


E4A is a resource created by educators for educators. We are always accepting contributions to this website. Email us and let us know what is missing. We are interested in websites, articles, research, programs, educators groups, and any good resource that will help us in our learning of antiracism in education.

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Join us every summer for our free annual online conference where we invite scholars and innovative educators to share the latest research and insights on DEI in education. Each conference day will culminate with a TEA session where you can participate in facilitated discussions with educators across the nation.

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This was the rejuvenating experience I needed today!  Thank you!  Ready to get back to work! <3

Wooooooo chile 🙌🏾 this was so awesome and I'm looking forward to what comes next

This has been a truly empowering and validating space


Resources Page

Visit our resources page to access everything you need to engage as an
educator, counselor, leader, and scholar in antiracism in education

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