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Affinity Groups

Get connected with race affinity groups for home spaces on your journey towards anti-racism teaching.

Brothers Empowered To Teach

Institute for Teachers of Color

The Martinez Fellowship Program

Melanated Educators Collecitve

Peoples Education Movement-Bay Area

SURJ: Showing Up for Racial Justice


Civic Action Groups

Get connected with groups advocating for social change in K-12.

Abolitionist Teaching Network

Black Lives Matter at School

Disrupt Text

Educators for Anti-Racism

Radical Monarchs

The Young People's Project

The New York Collective of Radical Educators


Antiracist Teacher/ Administrator

Education Programs

Interested in becoming a teacher? These programs are offering innovative antiracist teacher preparation programs.

Anti-Racist Administration and School Leadership Certificate

American University

Carter Center for K-12 Black History Education

University of Missouri


Equity and Justice Scholars

University of Pittsburgh

PRISM Research Lab (Power, Identity, and Resistance in STEM Education)

Vanderbilt University

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