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My Black Therapy

Get connected with Black therapists.

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App to help you register and remember to vote.

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10 Ways to Make Your Classroom More Inclusive for Black Children

Abolition for the People

A Crooked Seat at the Table: Black and Alone in Honors Class 

Accessing the Inside of the Tent: The Optics of Inclusivity in Music Education

All Teachers Should Be Trained To Overcome Their Hidden Biases

Avoiding Racial Equity Detours

Black Language Shouldn't Have to Be Muted for White Readers

Creating Antiracist Spaces where Black Students Can Breathe and Thrive

Dual Language Advocacy: No Place for Neutrality

How to Be An Anti-Racist Educator

How To Begin Bringing Rich and Inclusive Math History Resources Inside K to 12 Classrooms

How Moderate Teachers Perpetuate Educational Oppression

An Open Letter to Art Educators on Constructing an Anti-Racist Agenda

The problem with that equity vs. equality graphic that you're using

Putting Pizza Party Math to Rest

Racism Is Not a Historical Footnote

Teaching Culturally and Ethnically Diverse Learners in the Science Classroom

What Anti-Racist Teachers Do Differently

What does freedom look like in the classroom?


The Antiracist Educator

Humanizing Math

Notes From An Aspiring Humanitarian

Radical Math

Math Tutor

Teaching Math for Social Justice

Teaching While White

Tools for Antiracist Teaching (PBS)

Woke Math

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard


Antiracism and Universal Design for Learning

Andratesha Fritzgerald

The Counter-Revolution of 1776

Gerald Horne

The Crest of the Peacock: Non-European Roots of Mathematics

Cultivating Genius: An Equity Framework for Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy

Gholdy Muhammad

Don't Look Away: Embracing Anti-Bias Classrooms (early childhood)

Kerry-Ann Escayg, Iheoma Iruka, Stephanie Curenton, Tonia Durden

Grading for Equity

Joe Feldman

How to Be an Antiracist

Ibram X. Kendi

La Gente: Struggles for Empowerment and Community Self-Determination in Sacramento

Lorena V. Marquez

Math That Matters

David Stocker

Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning

Cathy Park Hong

Music Education for Social Change: Constructing an Activist Music Education

Juliet Hess

Not Light, But Fire

Matthew R. Kay

The Pedagogy of Patholization: Dis/abled Girls of Color in the School-prison Nexus

Subini Annamma

Perspectives of Black Histories in Schools

Dr. LaGarrett King

Planting the Seeds of Equity

Ethnic Studies and Social Justice in the K–2 Classroom

Patrick Camangian

Rethinking Bilingual Education

Elizabeth Barbian, Grace Gonzales, Pilar Mejia

Rethinking Mathematics

By Eric (Rico) Gutstein (Editor), Bob Peterson (Editor)

Safe Spaces, Brave Spaces

John Palfrey, Alberto Ibarguen

Schoolhouse Activists

Tondra L. Loder-Jackson

Stamped: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America

Ibram X. Kendi

Teaching to Transgress: Education as a Practice of Freedom

Bell Hooks

We Want to Do More Than Survive

Dr. Bettina Love

What if All the Kids Are White?

Louise Derman-Sparks

Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do

Claude M. Steele



Petition to Remove Racist Mascot

North Quincy, MA

Email Campaign to Remove Racist Mascot

Braintree, MA

Petition to Implement Anti-Racist Curriculum


Washington State Ethnic Studies Now





The Antiracist English Classroom- NCTE

Antiracist Resources by Level (Contact-Disintegration-Reintigration-Pseudo-Independence-Immersion-Autonomy)

From Non-Racism to Antiracism

Guide for Racial Justice and Abolitionist Social and Emotional Learning- Abolitionist Teaching Network

How to Address Native Issues as a Non-Native

The Traumatic Impacts of Racism and Discrimination on Young People and How To Talk About it- American Academy of Pediatricians

Educators for Antiracism Guides

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Joy: Art & Culture

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Afrok Punk Documentary

Amplifier Store

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Black Boys Documentary

Blues Heritage Preservation Foundation

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Buy Native: List of Native-Owned Businesses

Carrie Mae Weems

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Classic Spanish Playlist

Hiplet Ballerinas

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How to Powwow Dance

Just Seeds Social Art Store

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Kehinde Wiley Studio

La Bamba: The Afro-Mexican Story

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Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 11.45.46

Lorraine Hansberry Theatre Company

Teach La Raspa dance to Early Childhood

Peruvian Dance
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We Are The Radical Monarchs: Documentary


Journals/ Research

Adult Students

Abolition Journal

A Journal and Community of Radical Theory & Practice

African American youth and the artist’s identity: Cultural models and aspirational foreclosure

William Charland

Afrofuturism: Reimagining Art Curriculum for Black Existence

Joni Acuff

Assessing the Multicultural Competence of School Counselors: A Checklist

Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy

Becoming "Black" in America: Exploring Racial Identity Development of African Immigrants

Godfried Agyeman Asante

Confronting Structural Racism in Research and Policy Analysis

K. Steven Brown, Kilolo Kijakazi, Charmaine Runes, and Margery Austin Turner

A Framework for Understanding Whiteness in Mathematics Education

Dan Battey, Luis Leyva

From Non-racism to Anti-racism in Social Studies Teacher Education: Social Studies and Racial Pedagogical Content Knowledge

LaGarrett King

The Heart of the Politics of Race: Centering Black People in the Study of White Racial Attitudes

Melissa V. Harris-Lacewell

The paradoxical nature of whiteness-at-work in the daily life of schools and teacher communities

Irene Yoon

Pre-service Art Education: Examining Constructions of Whiteness in/through Visual Culture

Gloria J. Wilson

Race and Art Education

Amelia M. Kraehe and Joni B. Acuff

Risky Business: Mathematics Teachers Using Creative Insubordination

Rochelle Gutierrez

The Silenced Dialogue: Power and Pedagogy in Educating Other People's Children

Lisa Delpit

“Talent” and the misrecognition of social advantage in specialized arts education

Rubén Gaztambide-Fernández, Gillian Parekh

Visuality of Race in Popular Culture: Teaching Racial Histories and Iconography in Media (In press, contact Dr. Acuff on Research Gate)

Joni Acuff



Abolition Science

Latino Rebels

Latino USA

Leading Equity Podcast

The Lunch Table

Media Indigena

Nice White Parents

Radio Ambulante

The Score

Teaching Hard History

Teaching to Thrive

Two Dope Teachers and a Mic

Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man

Zebra Friends

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