National Educator Antiracism Conference



Watch the Sessions

Watch one of the many session from the conference, from Math and Antiracism, to English and Antiracism, and more!


Musical Thanks

Taking a page out of Dr. Bettina Love's book, I'd like to musically thank all who joined us on this journey: our amazing speakers for guiding our work, our dozens of volunteers who generously donated their time, our five sponsors who made it possible for us to put this conference together, the over 1,000 individuals who donated making it possible for us to cross the finish line, and the thousands of educators who joined this conference. Thank you.



Will there be recordings? 

Yes, there will. By the end of next week, we will upload our recordings to this page and to our Youtube Channel.

Can we get the chat transcript?

We are sifting through the transcript for you and are posting all the resources to our resources page on this website. 

Can we get the slides?

A link to the slides will be included in the recording description on our Youtube Channel. These videos will be uploaded next week.

Can I get credit?

If you were one of the participating districts and signed in, your attendance information was already sent to your district office. If you were not a part of the participating districts, we sent out certificates. If you did not receive it, you can email us at

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